Thursday, August 23, 2007

Face it -- I'm NEVER going to Prime Grill

Narcissus promised to take me there and never did; he never took me anywhere. G.I. Josh refused to go there. Hude said we'd go there on our second date -- one of many broken promises. And HVAC just canceled on me, again, at the last minute -- again.

We were supposed to go to Prime Grill two days ago. He called in the morning to reschedule for tonight because he had to work. I canceled a strategy meeting for an advocacy project I've been trying to get off the ground.

I didn't hear from him all day, so I finally wrote to him via the website where we met:

Subject: are we on for tonight?
Message: I need to know when you're picking me up.

He wrote back:

i got to work tonight again
i have shutdown in a nut house

It's already 4:00!

When were you planning on telling me? I canceled other plans to go out with you tonight, you know, and now it's too late for me to reschedule. That's very inconsiderate of you.

He hasn't responded. I hate sounding like a nag; starting out a relationship like this can't be a good sign. I think I should probably just give up on him already. It's probably not shayach -- how can I date a guy who never goes to a museum? -- and he clearly doesn't have very good manners.
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  1. You should cut your losses. Sounds like you have been initiating all the contact with him, and that he's been pretty casual about it all. I agree he is rude and quite immature. Next!!!

    As to Prime Grill, girlfriend, you don't need a man to take you. Pick a friend and an occasion and go! (My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks but that is not a hint.) I would add that while the service is excellent P.G. is waaay overpriced. And it is filled with lots of boring (to you) Wall Street types.

  2. I know it's overpriced -- that's part of the allure of going on a date there ;) I certainly can find better and more reasonably priced food. It's what PG represents that I long for. However -- I think you're right that things with HVAC are going nowhere fast. Since he read but hasn't responded to my last note, I think you can stick a fork in this liaison -- it's done.

  3. Egh. His loss. If it's any consolation, my PG plans were junked unceremoniously as well. I realize it's not. Sorry.