Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A joke in need is funny indeed

Thanks to The Muqata for my most recent favorite joke of all time. I can't link to the post directly, so I'll repeat it:

Two astronauts land on Mars. Their mission: to check whether there is oxygen on the planet.

"Give me the matches," says one. "Either it burns and there's oxygen on Mars, or nothing happens."

He takes the box, and is ready to strike a match when, out of the blue, a Martian appears waving all his arms... "No, no, don't!!"

The two astronauts look at each other, worried. Could there be an unknown explosive gas on Mars?

Still, he takes another match... and...

A crowd of hysterical Martians appear, all waving all their arms, screaming: "No, no, don't do that!"

One of the astronauts says, "This looks serious. What are they afraid of?"

The other says, "We're here for science, to know if man can breathe on Mars."
Ignoring the Martians, he strikes a match. It flames up, burns down, and... nothing happens.

So he turns to the Martians and asks, "Why did you want to prevent us from striking a match?"

The leader of the Martians says, "Today is Shabbat!!"

I needed a laugh after my incredibly aggravating day. I met with Eleanor again; apparently I'm a few hundred hours short of the time I need to log in order to complete my first year of fieldwork. Through no fault of mine -- because of the lollygagging, idiotic, antisemitic idiots at my first placement, and the rudeness, intransigence, and incompetence of the school internship office, especially Dean Evillene.

If I'd started either of the other two internships I was offered to replace the first disaster, I'd be closer to finishing this endless first year. I would have had a more enriching educational experience, instead of twiddling my thumbs while my current clients cancel their appointments and blow me off. I might even have made some money -- one of the places would have hired me as a consultant after my internship ended -- and put my name on some journal articles.

Thanks to Dean Evillene, I've lost time, money, and academic prestige. I can't tell you how much I despise that big ugly woman. She's an absolutely execrable social worker -- a shameful counterexample to every value and technique the school is trying to inculcate in us.

I've lost all respect for the school administration, which seems to operate on the Dilbert Principle. If it weren't for the professors and students, I'd say screw it. As it is, I no longer recommend the school to people who aspire to become social workers. And they're not going to see a dime of my money as an alumna. However, I do intend to make the most use of the school's prestige when seeking jobs and promoting myself. If I haven't earned it, I've bought it.

When I started this internship, Eleanor told me I would have to work two weeks in August. Today she was expecting me to work five days a week through Labor Day. And that was not acceptable. I need a break.

Fortunately, she came up with a decent compromise that won't force me to waste any more time than I have to at my current internship. Instead, I'll have to agree in writing to make up the hours at my second-year internship -- that is, if Dean Evillene approves. (She better damn well approve. I will kick down the school dean's door -- hell, I'll kick down the university president's door -- if I'm denied this.)

Again, I'll waste my own time and lose money -- I could be working at a real job while I make up for the time that other people forced me to waste -- but hopefully my second internship will be in a setting where I won't be harassed and I'll learn a few things, so spending more time there will actually benefit me.

That would be a novelty.
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