Sunday, August 12, 2007

The next best thing

I didn't meet my own true love this weekend, but I might have furthered the cause of true love for some friends.

Yiska (she has the same Hebrew name as one of my great-aunts, and I've never met anyone else with that name) is a sweet girl I met several weeks ago on the Great Lawn and spent time with this past weekend. She and Amitai, the younger brother of one of my former roommates (I can't stand her, but I always really liked him and his parents, who will be the world's most awesome in-laws), were at lunch with me. They hung out at shalosh seudos and the pizza party, but he didn't take her phone number.

She and I spoke this morning, and I offered to contact him, via a mutual dating website we both frequent, to see if he's interested. She agreed. So I wrote him:

Hey Amitai -- it was really nice catching up with you this weekend! I was glad to see you and Yiska shmoozing at the pizza party and seudah shlishit. Please let me know if you need her contact information; I know she'd love to hear from you.

He responded:

Nice seeing you this weekend as well.
I spoke with Yaffa (the shabbaton organizer) this morning. She said that she was going to call Yiska today. The only issues I have (not really an issue) is that Yiska is leaving to travel for two weeks tomorrow or Tuesday so I do not think we would get a chance to either speak or get together before she leaves.

I shot back:

Okay -- remember what our host said at lunch, how he went to Hawaii for a few weeks and all he could think about was the girl he was dating, who is now his lovely wife? If you both think about each other while she's away (and it's not like she's going to meet anyone eligible while she's there), and you're both still interested after she gets back -- kol b'seder. :)

He rejoindered:

Good point.
I didn't see you at the pizza party, how long were you there for?
By the way, what was Yiska's last name. For some reason, I can not remember it.

I sent the rundown to Yiska, adding:

So I wrote back and told Amitai I left round 'bout midnight -- and gave him your email address. I hope Yaffa got back to you too.

Have a fabulous time traveling -- and when you get back, someone's waiting for you... ;) Please keep me updated. If things work out with you and Amitai, I only need to match one more couple, and then I can be as naughty as I wanna be.... ;)

She wrote back:

Hey Ayelet,
You are so cute! Thanks for finding out the scoop with Amitai. You handled it really well (I thought the play-by-play of the conversation you had with him was cute too). I still haven't yet heard from Yaffa, but I'm sure I will soon. Thanks again, and I hope to speak to you when I get back from my trip B"H.
P.S. I hope it does work out between Amitai and me JUST so that you can be as naughty as you want to be.
Take Care, Yiska

Hey -- if I don't have my own love life, I can live vicariously through my "clients" ;) Kind of like Hitch.
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  1. hey,

    i don't know if "yiska" was a pseudonym, 'cause i know an awesome girl named yiska (the only one i've ever known). does acupuncture and israel ring a bell? i'd love to know if it's the same girl. your previous posts were great, btw.

  2. No -- different Yiska. Who woulda thought there were 2 of them?