Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Retail therapy

It is looking like my school is going to try to make me stay in this boring, do-nothing internship even longer. I'm really angry. I've fired off emails to the school's associate director and to the dean -- after that emotional rape with Dean Evillene, she owes me a meeting. But what else can I do to cope with this situation?

As I may have mentioned, this internship is sited in one of my favorite shopping neighborhoods. So on my lunch hour, stomach too knotted to eat, I traipsed through a few stores and bought two fabutastic pieces: a low-cut, 3/4-sleeve, empire-waisted geometric black-and-white print dress with black satin trim and sash; and a rhinestone-trimmed red sweater that hollers "Yee-haw! Boobies on board!" and gracefully drapes over the rest of me. All for the low, low price of $37.

So what if the dress's price tag says "large"? I don't look "large" in it -- I look sexy and gorgeous. Good ammunition for the upcoming dating war/shabbaton.
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