Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thanks for not swimming in the gene pool

I always think nothing can shock me in terms of what guys post on their online dating profiles. And then new guys join a website, their profiles show up in a search, and they say the dumbest things.

This gem describes himself as

born and bred out of town... no category fits me. I am in the middle caught between the yeshivish hypocrisy on the one hand and shallowness and modern orthodox ambivalence and contradictions.

Negative much? That's kind of off-putting. Well, let's see what he's looking for:

sensitive, caring, beautiful in and out, good potential mother, not interested in labels, out of town

Wouldn't "out of town" qualify as a label? And if you're a college professor, why aren't you looking for a woman who's at least moderately intelligent? Interesting.

Another fellow, who is 39, made me laugh out loud. His first sentence in "how I describe myself" is

I am looking for someone who loves children and is very family oriented.

In other words, she better not have a career, since she is meant to be a baby machine. He enlarges on that in the "what I am looking for in a mate" section:

PLEASE NOTE I DO HAVE AN IDEAL AGE REQUIREMENT AND WILL NOT DATE ABOVE 34 years of age. PLEASE CHECK PROFILE FOR SPECIFICS. As for divorced women, I will date someone who has been married a year or less, but not someone in a long term relationship.

I am open to most backgrounds of observance, however if the girl lived a wild life in the past and has finally "decided" to settle down, I am not for this type of person. I do not want any game players or people with questionable reputations. I want a good girl, not perfect, but good.

He's obviously read somewhere that women's fertility declines after age 35, and has decided to hedge his bets. What's funny is that I actually went out with this guy a few years ago, and I'm not that much younger than he is. Some guys don't revise their "ideal age requirement" upward to match their own age; the older they get, the younger they date (or try to). It's also weird how he goes on and on about not wanting a former bad girl. Protesting much?

Such rigid and/or bizarre requirements may well keep these guys out of the dating pool, and possibly the gene pool. That might not be a bad thing.
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