Sunday, September 09, 2007

Change is good, right?

Depressed people hate change. Dr. Roda thinks that's why I'm so mopey and anxious lately. Another transition, coming on the heels of so many.

I'm trying to stay positive. I've been wearing body-conscious clothing -- not tight, but not tentlike. People say I look pretty, I hope they mean it. I try to do my homework assignments, read the tedious texts. It's a struggle. I didn't go to a birthday party for two people I really love because I thought I needed to stay at home and study -- and of course, I only got minimal studying done.

Fortunately, the demands on me aren't too strenuous so far. I'm not yet behind in my reading. The article has gone through a third round of editing, and hopefully it's finally finished. The advocacy project has been back-burnered until after the High Holidays; ditto the shul-based community mental health programming. The student group is being created by others along with me -- I need to let them do some of the work. The panel discussion is scheduled, the room is reserved, and the flyer is almost finished. All on my impetus, not my classmates', but whatever -- as long as it happens. The clinical practice "toolkit" I put together is mostly finished; I just need to meet with the school administration to have it formatted and posted on the website. (And I should update my résumé to reflect all this.)

I saw Shimona over the weekend, and she said that reading about my activities on the blog made her dizzy. I have to make sure I don't overwhelm myself with all of it.
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