Monday, September 10, 2007

Facebook weighs in

Gotta love Facebook. I set my status:

Ayelet is flummoxed and bewildered... do men EVER make sense?

A guy friend of mine (actually, he's soon to be my college friend's second ex-husband) offered to try to make sense of things, so I sent him the rundown. He asked how long I'd been waiting for a response; I told him three days. Then he wrote back:

It is a bit more of a challenge for me given that he is French/Moroccan.

Given the timeline, I would have to say that he ...

is a total flake and not worth your time!

It is possible he made a knee-jerk reaction when he saw your picture. European men have very different standards when it comes to a woman's appearance.

I think you should just write this off as "his loss" and keep looking.
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  1. I agree with your friend's soon-to-be-ex. You ventured a note. You cast your line into the water. He didn't bite. Next!

    Have a Happy and Healthy and Blessed and Fun and Exciting and Productive and Fulfilling New Year!