Monday, September 10, 2007

I just don't get it

So I write to a guy on an online dating site. He's Moroccan, grew up in Paris, now lives in Boston doing a cardiology fellowship. A few years younger than I am, but what the heck -- nothing ventured, nothing gained. I dredge up every bit of my high school French to write him (I'll translate for your benefit):

Hey, how's it going? I studied French in high school, now I'm studying social work. How do you like Boston? Do you ever come to New York?

Didn't think I'd hear from him, but:

I think that your french is excellent. I love Boston.
I go to NY frequently. I have a coussant who is leaving in NY.
I love your profile. Will you like to be in touch?. Perhaps we can chat by telephone if you dont mind.
I hope to hear from you soon.
My email is

Fine. So I wrote him at his Yahoo address:

Hi! Thanks for writing back -- now I really have to write well... ;) I liked your profile too. You seem to be an intelligent, interesting man. I've never been to Morocco, or Paris, but I've always wanted to go!

If you want we can talk on the phone this Sunday. I'm going to Brooklyn in the morning but returning home in the afternoon. You can call me on my cell phone, 917-xxx-xxxx. If you don't get an answer, you can leave a message. Where does your cousin live in New York?

I forgot to give you my photo password -- it's xxxxx. The kids in the photo are my nieces and nephew, with whom I'm completely enamored. You can see why, right?

Never heard from him. I sent him another email on the website:

Hey -- did you get the email I sent you yesterday at your Yahoo address?

No email, no phone call. WHAT DID I DO WRONG???????? Is it any wonder my mood is slipping?
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  1. Give him a few days. Cardiology fellowships can be hell. He may have been on call for 3 hours.

    And what's with you and the Morroccans?!

  2. FINE, I'll be patient. I just wondered if I was too forward or ruined things somehow. Or if now that he's seen my photos he's no longer interested.

    What's wrong with Moroccans? Have I written so much about Moroccans?

  3. Well, Sfardim really. Wasn't the Arabian Knight Sfardi?