Monday, September 03, 2007

The REAL reason Ayelet wears low-cut tops

"Thanks so much for holding the baby!" said Bina. "I vacuumed upstairs and downstairs, and now I'm going to iron a shirt for Asher."

"Thanks for letting me hold the baby," I replied, "and not asking me to vacuum or iron." I snuggled the baby closer to my left so she could hear my heartbeat, gently placing her cheek near my sternum. She loves to feel her skin against someone else's -- my less-than-tznius low-cut tops, which my niece Malka so disapproves of, are perfect for soothing a newborn to sleep.

It was a fabulous visit. I held the baby almost as much as I needed to, and it was great spending time with Bina again. The fading industrial/college-town city she now lives in resembles the fading industrial/college-town city I grew up in, to a remarkable extent; the residential neighborhoods, shopping areas, downtowns, and college campuses are strikingly similar. As Asher says, "Apparently all out-of-town cities look the same."

The people are incredibly friendly and nice, and they get along in that wonderful out-of-town way. Her shul has a modern yeshivish rabbi, a Lubavitch assistant rabbi, and a very mixed congregation. That would NEVER happen in New York.

Another family invited us over for lunch -- a young couple with four small daughters and a baby son, a few months older than Bina's baby. I held him for part of lunch so his parents could eat.

"Ayelet, you seem like a nice girl -- have I got a guy for you!" said the host.

I know he was trying to be funny. He didn't succeed. I pretended to laugh, and when the baby started rooting to nurse, I was glad to hand him back to his mother.
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