Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unanswered prayers

It's hard to be happy for people who effortlessly get something you've been trying so hard to achieve. I went through two cycles of Western Wall prayers, and I'm just as single as I ever was. So when I got another email from them, saying that someone's frail baby was now thriving, thanks to their prayers, I am sorry to say I wasn't delighted to read it. I wrote back:

After two prayer cycles and no discernible effects, I think you better take me off your email list. I'm not in the mood to read about people whose prayers are apparently more worthy than mine.

Of course they couldn't let that go unanswered:

G-d-forbid that they are more worthy than yours. You are not the only person who is still waiting........... unfortunately......... Hashem desires the prayers of the righteous.

Every moment of suffering in this world represents immense pleasure in the world to come. Not that one would ever want suffering, but to know that all is not for nothing and that all is to your credit is important.

When a person goes to the next world and his/her place is decided.. on one side of the scale is put their averas, on the other side, their mitzvot as well as any suffering.

Hashem should bless you.

Yeah -- that and $2.00 will get me a ride on the subway. After giving them $180, I think they should daven for me until I get married.
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  1. A guy from Yerushalayim10/31/2007 11:28 AM

    1. *I* for one will daven for you until you get married - free.

    2. Whenever I have shared my good news with you, you have expressed nothing but happiness for me. Please keep that up.