Sunday, October 21, 2007

How NOT to get a date with Ayelet

A person who is too old for me, with whom I have corresponded online anyway (not, I thought, in a romantic sense but just to give him a chance to talk about some issues he's dealing with), just sent me this message:

The clocks ticking; give a guy a chance

I did not need to read that.

That's disgusting, to play the "biological clock" card. You're a jerk.

I should know better -- nothing to be gained by corresponding with these jerks:

That’s a little rough! Maybe I was talking about mine; maybe I was talking about yours. I know one thing you are feeling the pressure, and your response was nothing more than steam blowing off the release valve. Loosen up; I might not be a jerk

How utterly meretricious.

You were not talking about your biological clock. Why would that induce me to go out with you -- because I took pity on you? You're trying to play on what you think might be my insecurities, and that's manipulative and disgusting. The "pressure" I feel is the refusal of men to date women their own age, which is why too many older men are bothering me and too many men my age are overlooking me. You are definitely a jerk, as are so many older men. Maybe there's a reason you never found anyone who wanted to marry you.

And it just keeps getting better; he wrote:

You need a wakeup call, so here is the (Air-Horn). You don’t fight wars for the country you live in. You aren’t expected to out earn, and have a higher social status then the women you marry. We live with this set of demands. Read that as thing we actually have to do. All you have to do is take care of your bodies and be a symbiot to your mate rather than a parasite. Most women in this generation have never even pondered that idea. Wake up; I am giving it my best to marry a Jewish Woman. I schlep myself all the way to New York to do the right thing, and get hit in the face with nothing but attitude. There is a reason why Jewish men marry none Jewish woman. Keep it up… I have other easier choices, but I keep making the hard one. Why haven’t you produces a family yet? To picky, can’t find a man with enough money. If you are past thirty, and physically fit; what is wrong?

Why do men think that complaining how Jewish women are so unreasonable is going to make us want to date them?

I haven't met a man with whom I felt sufficient love and respect to start a family. And your rudeness and ridiculously outdated attitude confirm that you're not that man. (One of the reason I don't like dating older men is that we don't share enough similar opinions and outlooks to be compatible.) I am not a "symbiote"; I am a PARTNER.

If all you're looking for is a woman in perfect shape, and not concerned about personality compatibility, no wonder you haven't found her! I've heard enough more than enough complaints from Jewish men that Jewish women are too difficult to please. Having tried very hard to please a number of Jewish men, I'd say it's not a gender issue. And don't accuse me of being too picky without knowing anything about any of the men I've dated.

You're not asleep -- you're in a coma. Have you tried to date even one woman over 40, maybe one with kids, since you got to NYC? I'd suspect you'd have lots more success. However, I'm really not interested in hearing back from you.

What the hell is wrong with men? Why can't they date women their age? Men my age are telling me I'm too "old" for them. I'm so fed up with it.
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  1. Close the book on this guy. Forget him. Dwell not on his perfidy and '50s-era outlook. Let him go fight a war for his country, out-earn some women, and attempt to raise his social status.

    I love how he blames you for his inability to meet the right Jewish woman. And threatens you with *his* intermarriage. My response would be, "Gei gezinterheit. Marry a shiksa. You deserve eachother."

    Sigh. Hope the weekend's somewhat relaxing, enjoyable, or productive, otherwise.