Monday, October 15, 2007

I dreamed my supervisor was a psychoanalyst

Actually, it's not a dream. Melanie has started analysis training, so her approach to my work with clients is always on two levels -- manifest and latent. It's very interesting, but I wonder what's going to happen when I start using CBT with some of the clients.

Also: the cravings for cake and frosting are HUGE. It's so frustrating. Even when I'm not hungry -- even when I'm full, I'm stuffed, I'm sated -- I've got an intense craving to buy a cake and plow into it with a tablespoon, or bolt down a dozen doughnuts with gooey cream filling. I haven't -- I'm trying to binge on fruit or low-fat popcorn, or eat a bowl of sugary cereal, which is at least low in fat -- but it's really, really hard.

I'm not sure why I'm so anxious -- maybe because I'm finally in a place where they want to let me practice, and so I actually have to perform. I'm just trying to be proud of not diving into an entire cake. It's hard, especially since my weight's crept up to the heavier end of the spectrum.
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