Monday, October 22, 2007


I spoke to one of my professors today about my predicament. She had some very good advice, and we worked out a plan:

1. Wait until the end of the first semester, when the internship evaluations are in (I'm fairly confident Melanie will be satisfied with my work) and the internship department grants me a passing grade.

2. Write a letter to Dean Evillene, saying that according to my evaluation my work is clearly at an appropriate second-year level, and I would like to cancel last year's 200 work-hour deficit, which I incurred through circumstances beyond my control (and, indeed, was blocked from preventing). Stress that five weeks of unpaid work is a significant financial loss. Emphasize that my medical condition necessitates medication, which means I need health insurance and must seek full-time employment to commence as soon as possible after graduation, since many employers do not cover employees until they have worked a minimum number of days, ranging from 30 to 90.

3. State that I hope we can resolve this matter through these means. Await her reply at her earliest convenience.

I'm still going to talk to the Vice Provost's Office. But I think it can't hurt to give the internship department one more chance to make things right, and it's important to pass my first semester. Speaking with the Vice Provost's staff doesn't obligate me to proceed against either Miss Thing or the internship department. It just informs me of my options.
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  1. Sounds like a very sensible plan! Always best to negotiate from a position of strength.