Monday, October 29, 2007

Street of mangled dogs

It's near school. Last week, walking toward home, I saw an especially jiggly black lab holding a tennis ball in its mouth. Closer to the beast, I saw that its gait was jiggly because it lacks its right front leg. It was a happy dog -- lolloped along, looking back from time to time at its owner. Takes so little to make a dog happy -- a walk, a few rounds of fetch.

I forgot about the three-legged dog until I saw the one-eyed beagle today. Fur was growing over the socket where late reposed the missing eye. It wasn't as jouncingly jubilant as the lab, but it seemed pretty content.

Sometimes I feel like a three-legged dog. But my attitude is never that good. Right now I'm grumpy as all get-out and woefully unsatisfied. It's hard to be grateful for my life. I know I should be, but I'm having trouble ramping up the gratitude.
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