Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Breathtakingly cruel

I've been trying to speak to that Guitar Hero friend of mine, the one I allegedly dated (according to him) and have been having all the bad sex with. I sent him a couple of emails, left him one phone message, and called his phone a few times without leaving a message. He finally emailed:

Why do you keep calling and emailing me? We are not dating and I do not wish to have a girlfriend - boyfriend relationship with you. Occasionally spending time is one thing, but please give me space.

I didn't know until last Saturday night that we'd been dating, in his view. I should have realized he was kind of immature when he disappeared on me the first time he made a move and I was surprised -- since, after all, I didn't think we were dating. He went out of his way to emphasize that the sex must have been bad because he's not really that attracted to me -- and was offended when I suggested that the Zoloft might be playing a role. Also, he initially wanted to get together on Sunday as well as Saturday -- as long as he got to decide the activity. At the risk of sounding too much like a therapist, I think he's trying to punish me for "rejecting" him years ago and "criticizing" him for taking antidepressants.

If he wants space, I'll oblige him.

I wanted to talk because I've found your recent behavior confusing. However, you've now made yourself quite clear, and I won't trouble you any further.

At least he improved my Scrabulous game.
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