Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shooting myself in the foot

I got an interesting message on a dating website last night:

Saw you in my old messages.

I am sure that whatever struck me to send a message then is true today.

I hope you are still on this line but it was worth a shot.

Okay, I'm not seeing anyone, might as well respond:

I see that we corresponded, but I don't remember you. What is your photo password?

I thought that if I saw him I might remember him. But I could have been friendlier. He sent it to me, saying:

I'm still working out the system. I trust that if my pic meets your approval you will send me yours.

I kinda have faith in my prior shallow past so if I corresponded with you it means you had a photo and I thought you were a beauty.

Other than that I will read your profile and if you return message will try to formulate some intelligent response.

Okay, nice picture, although I still don't remember him. Which is odd, because we traded a bunch of messages; I just didn't save them. So I sent him my photo password, and he sent me a message with the subject line, "Ephebophile." (Psychological term for a person who is attracted to adolescent boys, which I taught him -- I have no idea why.)

Teach me a word and I'll remember you forever.

Perhaps though we could pick a 2nd word.

Liked your profile much.

Saw that you were once the most{something girl on this site........... hope it is still true.

Now that was an opening to send him another obscure word. Or something flirtatious. Instead, I pulled out my hair-trigger gun and shot myself in the foot:

I was the most something girl on Frumster? Probably most fun, most passionate, or most interesting. Definitely not prettiest or thinnest, although I am neither ugly nor fat. Definitely not the neatest -- my computer is very organized but my apartment is a disaster. I vaguely remember teaching you that word but I have no idea why. I also don't remember why we stopped corresponding, but I'm going to assume you met someone else and focused on her for a while, and it didn't pan out. Luckily for you, I'm still available and I don't hold a grudge ;)

Why, why, WHY do I do that to myself!? There is so much wrong there, I don't even know how to begin to categorize it. He hasn't responded, and I doubt he ever will. I'm an idiot.
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