Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Wow -- you've lost so much weight!"

Sadly, those words were not applied to me. It's what I said to my friend Joan as we were waiting for the wellness/complimentary therapy student group's latest event to commence. She looks fabulous. I always thought she was gorgeous, but now she's spectacular.

Joan is a co-founder of the group. She had invited this week's speaker, an expert on yoga treatment of anxiety disorders. "Ayelet, will you introduce him?" she asked me, twiddling her hair. "I'm not in the mood to do it."

Now, as a good clinician, I had to recognize that by letting her sidestep this anxiety-provoking but minor action, I would just be reinforcing (i.e., encouraging) her avoidance behaviors -- and thereby reinforcing her depression. Which is exactly what I told the skinny bitch.

It's nice when you can expend a little aggression and legitimately label it as therapeutic for the other person.
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