Thursday, December 13, 2007

How can we clone her?

Gloria Chang, the recently reconnected old high school friend, sent me a note on Facebook:

BTW---I deduce from your profile that you are not married and quite possibly interested in changing that. Is that true? Do you want me to keep my eyes and ears open for you? There's not much of a Jewish community where I live --two synagogues in all of the county I live in and neither of them is Orthodox -- but I have ties to the greater (local urban) Jewish community through Bryn Mawr friends."

Wow -- a non-frum, non-Jewish married person who wants to help set me up! I wrote back:

Elementary, my dear Watson ;) Yes, I am indeed still single. It's so nice of you to offer to network for me! That so rarely happens. I'm a bit more religious than I was in high school, but if your Bryn Mawr friends know any guys from Chicago who keep kosher, I'd be interested in hearing more ;)

If there were more people like Gloria, there wouldn't be any singles crisis. My own sister can't be bothered to do this for me! (One of the many reasons I'm not so eager to get back on speaking terms with her.)
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