Sunday, December 09, 2007

How'd he get married the first time?

AKA, "I can see why he's divorced." So this guy wrote to me last night on a dating site:

Subject: have we ....:-)
shavua tov have we spoken before ? if not ...should we ?;-)

That's not giving me much to go on, which I tried to express in my response. He shot back:

how much more you need ?;-)

I don't know, anything? Before I could write back he sent another charming missive:

Subject: btw - :-)
ive tried every pass word i know of and none of 'em to share ? ;-) and i'll be able to tell y' if we have spoken before or not ! ;-)

Sigh. I went to the concert and tried not to think about this clod. This morning I woke up to:

Subject: welll....;-)
i guess you decided you didnt really want to know more or share more about you ? :-)

Well, you haven't really induced that desire in me, Clod, and I do have a life, you know.

You decided the same thing. You haven't told me a single thing about yourself, or a single thing you liked about my profile. I'm not inclined to take you seriously.

Like a guy, Clod continues to place the blame on me:

woe-..... pretty sassy, aren't u .;-) 1) i ask to view your photo - no response to the request 2) i ask you what you wanted to know concerning me - again no response about i view your photo --- and you tell me what more you want to know about me and i'll be happy to answer- far as what i liked about your profile .....all of it ! or i wouldnt have contacted you in the first place! ;-) enough is in your profile that if you are remotely attractive to me in your photo as you are in your profile then i would be ready to talk , meet and see if personalities in person match as well....and go from there- yes i read your whole profile ! ;-)

I don't need this. It's not like a guy with an associates degree and children from a previous marriage is all that attractive to me to start with -- but I don't need someone this defensive. And calling me "remotely attractive"? What woman in her right mind would give this guy a chance after hearing that?

People ask me why I'm still single. This guy is Exhibit A. So I sent him a "thanks but no thanks" form email:

Hi Clod, I read your profile, but I did not think we would make a good match. Much success in your continued efforts.

He wrote back:

I read your response , but i dont think we would make a good match . You will find yours in your continued search !

Men always like to have the last word, even if it's completely incoherent. I think I'll give him that.
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  1. I think you should take a hiatus from the dating sites. They are only leaving you feeling annoyed and frustrated these days. If your bashert is on one of these sites presumably he will still be around in a week or two.

  2. Well, I try not to ignore initial contact emails unless they're manifestly inappropriate. But I guess I could give up contacting new gents. It's not like they respond.