Saturday, December 29, 2007


Honestly, men will never cease to befuddle me.

So I write to this guy on a dating website. He sounds kind of interesting. Says he's a big man in the Sephardic community and an amateur tour guide. So I wrote him asking what's his favorite stop on the NYC tour bus. He writes back saying I'm cute, he likes the Lower East Side and Bowling Green, and includes a link to his website -- which says he works to get reparations for the Sephardic Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I mentioned that I knew about that struggle before meeting him, since I am not one of those Ashkenazim who thinks Jewry starts at Germany and ends at Russia.

He still hadn't mentioned anything about asking me out, however, and I started to wonder after getting his next message:

"Not all Ashkenazim think Jewry starts at Germany and ends at Russia" (yes, just most) lol.

I love all of the world's Jewry!

I am finding there are a lot more people on here, newbies. Have you noticed this for men too?

What am I supposed to make of that statement?

Are you telling me I've got a LOT of competition and better bring my A game?

He responded:

lol, no silly. Just that I have been on here a lot in the last 2 weeks, and I see many new faces.

I met a girl here from London who wrote me first. I told her I don't date outside of NYC, and she said, "no problem, I am visiting there this weekend." We planned to go out tonight, nothing serious, just for coffee (she was as witty as you!), but we were using that new IM when she sent me her phone number - but I left her number on my desk in the city!! I was to call her tonight. Oh well, she may think I am a flake, but that's not me. She has my number, maybe she will call.

Since when is it a smooth dating strategy to tell women who might want to date you about the other women trying to date you? What do you say to a guy like that, besides "TMI"?

So I take it you're not interested in going out with me.

Captain TMI responded:

As I mentioned, I told her I don't date people outside of NYC, and she is from the UK. I told her, we may meet, and have coffee, "but don't bring your wedding dress with you," she gave me a cute reply.

Anyway, she just called me in the last 10 minutes, she is busy tonight with her girlfriends, and tomorrow I am going to Maryland, so we can't meet. Que sera sera.

So, want to have coffee, you can tell me about your Lower East Side days and I can fill your ears with mishmash about....well, just about any topic.

Okay -- so the UK chick didn't work out, and you've decided to settle for the local talent. I honestly don't know if I should go out with him. Readers?
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  1. Sounds to me like he should stop pushing the q-tip in his ears when he starts to feel pain.

  2. Anonymous, if you knew him, you'd realize how terrifyingly apt that is.

  3. I think he thinks quite highly of himself, and actually is quite embarrassed to be searching on the net for a possible future wife, so he makes jokes out of it! He has a good sense of humour, but he is a bit narcisistic. Coffee? Why not? But long term I personally don't think so