Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The less I wear, the better I look

"You look so cute, Ayelet!" my classmate said in the computer lab, as we waited for our documents to print out.

"I don't always dress like a 40-year-old librarian," I joked.

Today I wore a "little black dress" -- the kind you buy two of so it will last forever. It's fitted me better in the past; it exposes several inches of my thighs, which are more conical than cylindrical these days (Jerusha thinks it looks terrible on me now) -- but I didn't feel like fussing this morning. I threw on the dress, a pair of kicky tights, dangly pearl earrings, a foundation garment -- something between control-top pantyhose and a girdle, biting viciously into my waist by day's end -- and went.

I would have discounted her remarks, but I also got compliments from three men in my program.

"You look really nice today," said Jerry.

"I should wear short skirts more often," I snarked.

"No -- it's your face," he said. "It's nice to see you smiling. You're glowing."

I guess I've got that end-of-semester glow -- along with some end-of-semester pimples and end-of-semester bitten nails and ragged cuticles. Nice to know I still look a'ight.

Also, another classmate asked me for guidance about a very poorly-defined assignment. I don't know why she thought I would understand it better than she did -- I must give off a real air of confidence and competence. It somehow meant even more to me that she's really, really beautiful, and yet she was seeking my input.
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  1. I've been saying it repeatedly, but I guess it bears more repetition.

    You are currently, have always been, and will continue to be a very attractive and sexy woman. Okay?

    Can we move on now? :)

    Love ya - happy end of Chanukah.