Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mastery and competence

PowerPoint presentations are an integral element of marketing and P.R. At my last job, I got a lot of PowerPoint training and created an average of two presentations per week. I'm very, very good at PowerPoint.

Recently I decided to try to increase my sense of mastery and competence by doing things I'm good at, which is supposed to alleviate depression. So I made a PowerPoint, based on the independent study I worked on last summer. I don't know that I'll ever actually use the PowerPoint, but while I was making it I definitely felt happier.

The good feeling didn't last too long, unfortunately. I volunteered to proof a friend's PowerPoint (she's making a presentation to a NYC agency official), and then worked on another friend's for a class we have in common, but neither task took me very long. I guess I'm just that good at PowerPoint. I'll have to find ways to make more presentations, even if I never use them. It does seem to help a little.
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