Monday, December 24, 2007

Mom, Grandma, cats, and baths on the lawn

Another bizarre dream. I dreamed that Jerusha and I were living with my mother and grandmother in a house with dozens of cats, an incontinent parrot I really wanted them to get rid of, and a big bubble bath on the lawn. My grandmother does live with my parents, but they only have two cats, and no parrots.

No idea why. I also dreamed I was a person who put on a fur coat and went to live with bears in the winter.

At least my dreams are adventurous. I'm mostly over a really bad cold, and basically done with the paper I have to write to complete my incomplete course, but I have no other plans for Christmas. Although I actually washed a few of the dishes that have been marinating in the sink for weeks, which is usually a good sign, I still have no desire to go to any of the Christmas-Eve parties thrown by a bunch of fun Jews.
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  1. if it's any comfort at all, my dreams are muuuuchhhhh weirder than that!!!