Monday, December 10, 2007

Not really sure how to take this

I got a message from a Swedish guy on a dating website (no joke; he's a convert):

I'm curios about you. I especially like tha part of "treating people well whether they're delivering food or closing a business deal.".

[That's a direct quote from my profile -- derech eretz is important to me.]

On the other hand - calling myself easygoing would be a blatant lie. And calling yourself easygoing seems strange. You post a lot on the Forum and it is allways to correct and judge other people - explaining to some poor bloke that he is to old, expresses himself in an unattractive manner or in any other way breakes decorum. And I agree, many people do.

But might the same frustration of loneliness that causes some dude to write a moronic diatribe of how women are too "picky" or too "uopn their high horses" be your reaon for only posting critique? Do you ever pause to see that this moron may just be very, very lonely? That he actually could be someones beshert? Just like you, even though the only thing that comes through in your postings is anger and judgement and frustration?

Loneliness wears down on all of us, especially us who are in an age where it is sort of "past time" we start a family and have kids of our own (and grandkids for our parents). And it might ne easier for men, but most men want to be able to play with their kids and see the leave home. And I think we should be more compassionate with eachother about it. I think maybe you should try matching your postings to your very nice profile.

OK, sorry about the sermon, just a thouhjt. Good luck finding your beshert and may you have many children.

Chanukah Sameach!

For the record, I've never described myself as easygoing, although I do say I seek that quality in a mate.

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