Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Of course it couldn't be that easy

Captain Best Effort just had to IM me on Frumster, complaining that I ran out on him in the restaurant. I tried to apologize, but he wasn't having it. So I tried to displace a little blame.

Ayelet: look, I'm sorry, but you have to realize that it was weird for me to think that you were all into me just because I resemble your ex-fiancée

Captain Best Effort: the only crime i have is that i am a nice guy; i was trying to pay you a compliment, i was trying to make you smile

A: That's not a compliment. I'm sorry, but it's weird.

CBE: I won't apologize for that. I was being nice, if you felt wierd that was your problem, not mine

A: Look, can we agree to disagree and let this go? I apologized for running out of the restaurant, and there's nothing else I can do.

CBE: i had to tell you that because you ran out on me

A: Tell me what?

CBE: what i felt like

A: I'm sorry. There's nothing more I can do.

CBE: why were you so frustrated?

A: Because I was trying too hard. You are a nice guy, and I just couldn't make myself feel chemistry.

CBE: chemistry comes without trying

A: Well, it didn't come for me.

CBE: well why do you think it came to me

A: because I remind you of your ex

CBE: no i said you had the same face structure and body movement

A: close enough

CBE: no

A: CBE, what are you trying to accomplish? I apologized -- what more can I do? Please let it go.

CBE: I am trying to give my input

A: What do you want?

CBE: to get it straight

A: Get what straight? Nothing is going to make me want to go out with you.

CBE: I said to get it straight i did not say let's go out

A: Get what straight?

CBE: i was not very much into you

A: Okay. That's good to know.

CBE: I thought you were very rude to me

A: I apologize. You deserve better.

CBE: why did you think that i was trying to get another date with you?

A: You're not telling me what you're trying to do. I get that you're not that into me and I was rude. What do you want???

CBE: nothing much

A: Please let it go. I'm sorry, and I hope the next girl treats you the way you deserve to be treated -- with respect.

CBE: i wished it could have been better

A: So do I.

CBE: i feared the exact thing when i did not call you before

A: What?

CBE: that you would be taking me for granted and one word i would say would make you make this great manuscript how you did not feel this chemistry

A: CBE, I don't think this is getting us anywhere, and I don't think it's going to make you feel better.

CBE: it did

A: Okay, well, then I'm glad you're feeling better.

CBE: i was a bit concerned about you, it seemed you were going to cry on me

A: Don't worry about me.

CBE: I have a heart -- when i see someone in pain i offer a handkerchief

A: that's very sweet of you, but I'm fine

CBE: i am glad you are, i know its hard to find the right person

A: Maybe we'll both have better luck in the New Year

CBE: maybe

A: take care of yourself, CBE

CBE: take care of yourself as well... you are a beautiful women

A: thanks, you are a genuinely nice guy

CBE: smile a lot.. because that is what makes you beautiful

A: I will. have a good evening

CBE: yes that is my downfall... goodnight

Oysh. Any married person who doesn't think dating is arduous, agonizing work is completely out of touch with reality. Bordering on psychotic.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Oysh indeed. I feel for you both. It must have hard to let him down, but I think you did it as easily as you could. I feel for him, too, because it's hard to get your hopes dashed and your feelings handed to you.. I do think that the ex connection was a little bizarre, and that he also could have been more graceful about it- he seems to have come back for more punishment.

  2. You were very brave to face him and tell him directly that you weren't feeling it.

    I'd sooner fake an epileptic seizure than attempt to honestly and dispassionately express my feelings. {shudder} Isn't that why God invented the Internet?

    I'm sorry you had to go through this, Ayelet. You deserve better. Like they say on erev Rosh Hashana, end the year and its curses, begin the year and its blessings.