Monday, December 03, 2007

Go suck a lemon

One of the skills taught in Dialectical Behavior Therapy is distress tolerance (pretty self-explanatory). To get you through the night, their literature suggests distracting yourself through a strong sensation, like holding an ice cube, taking a hot shower, snapping a rubber band on your wrist, or sucking a lemon.

Well, recently FreshDirect delivered 5 lemons to me instead of 5 grapefruits. So last night I decided to try sucking on a lemon to relieve my anxiety over school and spinsterdom.

It was interesting. Not really pleasant, but not too aversive. I could feel the corners of my mouth twist up in a grin/grimace (grinace?). And it did distract me, a little. But not enough. I laughed a little, mainly because it seemed so ridiculous.

This is post #360. Maybe I'll do a 360 out of this crummy mood.
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  1. I think a bigger issue is why does FreshDirect keep screwing up your produce orders.

  2. The red peppers were my fault, not theirs. And lemons for grapefruits is an understandable error, for which they recompensated me immediately and unquestioningly. Any automated system is going to have a few bugs. They handle them well.