Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The sun'll come out tomorrow

At least my light box will. I finally unpacked it and set it up near my bed. Interestingly, my bed is now inches higher than the nighttable upon which rests the lamp. Last time I used the lamp, it was on a level with my mattress. Just shows that I haven't used the box since before I got my new pillow-top bed in 2002. (It was supposed to cure my back pain. I won't say I'm cured, but it's a great bed.)

I'm hoping the light box will give me some more energy and interest in life. Right now I'm eating donuts and working halfheartedly on the paper for the course I took an Incomplete in. It's about 3/4 done, although at least 3/4 of it was scavenged from other papers I wrote for other classes. Recycling -- it's not just good for the planet, it's good for the student.

But I have to go into work a few days this week and next, I promised to take Malka to the Met (museum, not opera -- she's not that precocious), and New Year's Eve is coming up (sigh). Supposedly light boxes work within a week if they're going to work, so I'll give it about that.
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