Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Where the hell is Marcy, NY?

Apparently it's the site of one of the 27 prisons built in Upstate New York over the past decade. (Prisons are just about the only industry Upstate has left.) Someone sent me a job posting for a position there:

New York State Office of Mental Health is seeking a qualified candidate for a Psychology Assistant 3 to assist in the Evaluation Research of Mental Health Treatment programs for patients in the New York State prison system. The position is located at Central NY Psychiatric Center, a forensic psychiatric hospital in Marcy, New York. The candidate must be able to write well, understand research design and statistics. Journal publications are anticipated. Minimum qualifications: Master’s degree in psychology in one of the following disciplines: clinical, community, counseling, developmental, gerontological, neuro, rehabilitation, school, or social. Career ladder, excellent New York State benefit and retirement package. Salary range: $40,424-$55,954. Please send résumé and writing sample to:

Hm. I could do worse. I'm a good writer. With two master's degrees I could probably demand the $56K salary, and although I don't really enjoy research, I'm pretty good at it. I've already published a journal article, and I'm in the process of editing another paper for submission. Working in a prison might be interesting. I'd definitely be the prettiest one in the room.

The question is, do I move from the center of the orthodox Jewish single universe to Nowheresville? Why not? I've given the Upper West Side more than a decade and all of my girlish hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Maybe I should just focus on my career -- and if I'm going to do that, Marcy, NY, would be a pretty good career move.
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  1. You do not want to live in Nowhereseville.

    In Nowehereseville you will not have the friends that you have in NY (I don't remember the names you have used for them on this blog, but you know who I mean) and you will not be going on a few dates a month like you are now.

    As lonely as you are feeling now, there is lonelier. You have to stay where you have people. There is no way that moving to where you have nobody could be good for you.

    Love ya!

  2. Marcy is waaaay the hell up north, where it's colder than the front steps of Lincoln Square Sin-agog.

    However, it's not too far from Toronto, which has some community.

    Have you applied?

  3. i heard the following advice was given to a single person who wanted to leave Crown Heights for a job. it might have even come from the rebbe. the advice was NOT to move while looking for a shidduch, because you need to be "visible." as the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." how about looking for a job in another large jewish community, like L.A. for example, or miami. this way you could still be around a singles scene. maybe you just need to get out of NY? you know the old saying...m'shana makom m'shana mazel l'tova!

    hatzlocho - happy chanuka - keep your spirits up.