Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ayelet the Amazing Intern!

My supervisor, Melanie, is finally back, and unfortunately I'm stuck in school all week on a special project. Although it's apparently a competition, and for some reason I'm getting incredibly competitive about it -- I really want to win! Probably because the school put out fresh coffee this morning and I drank two cups. I was definitely the cheerleader for my team, who, fortunately, took it all in slightly amused stride. (Amazing how sensitive people with bipolar can be to almost any chemical substance. Good thing I never got into the habit of drinking.)

And working on the group project was a great opportunity for me to show off my editorial chops. A classmate messaged me:

Ayelet, your leadership and focus was not unnoticed by me. I speak for myself but I want to thank you for stepping up, the draft and more importantly how you incorporated all of our ideas into the draft is a skill that is so important in the work we do..... Luv ya energy and teamwork abilities, Jason...
I went into work yesterday to tie up a bunch of loose threads, and today Melanie emailed me:

I got the client update information you left for me today when I came in. Thanks so much for leaving that. With our computer system down there’s no way to read any progress notes online, so that was really helpful. Also, thank you for all your hard work and coverage. I see you had a lot of client contacts this month. Great work!

I have the process recording you left for me and will try to have it ready for you when you come back. Let’s try to meet on Monday. What is your schedule like? If things have not changed too much I’ll have supervision with the program director first thing in the AM and then will be available for the rest of the day, as far as I know.

Thanks again for all your work. Returning to work with no clients in crisis is a bonus. Their continued stability is a testament to the work you did/do. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

AYELET KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And Ayelet probably shouldn't have had all that coffee today. I hope I sleep tonight. Maybe just one Vitamin K....)
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  1. Positive feedback is so rewarding. And doing good work and having it recognized and appreciated - ain't nothing like it.

    You RULE!