Saturday, January 05, 2008

How it played out

YourSmile is certainly brazen. I said that after his obscene messages, it would be impossible for me to take him seriously. He wrote back:

nothing is impossible -- what is your name and your cell phone number?

Okay, he obviously needs it spelled out:

After your blatant attempt to get me to sleep with you, you think I'm giving you my cell phone number? Your intentions are obviously not honorable, and you're a creep.

And he withdrew into mealy-mouthed religious frumspeak:

Good Shabbos! Hashem may help you find a husband this Jewish year. Sorry that we never met, cheers

Although reading this now, it strikes me that he's saying Gd might find me a husband but probably won't. With this caliber of candidates, he's probably right.
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