Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm enrolled WHERE?

I was wondering what to write about for my 400th post, and the bad psychologists at The Bad Place very considerately supplied me with a topic.

I still get email and form letters from The Bad Place. It always gives me a bit of a jolt; I'm expecting them to finally respond to the nasty letter my lawyer sent them. But it always turns out to be innocuous -- a seminar in torture led by their resident torturer, Dr. Octopussy; a student psychology journal to which I might submit an article; a reminder to register for classes; or some such administrative matter.

This was no different.

January 10, 2008

Dear Externship Director:

This is to confirm that ______Ayelet Survivor_____ is a student in good standing in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training Program at The Bad Place, Worthless University in our fully approved APA Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. He/she is ready for Externship as of May 2008.


Devona Dragon, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Program

Jenna Octopussy, Psy.D.
Director of Internship Training

A student "in good standing"? Have they not noticed I'm no longer there?

Obviously the very useless Dr. Bureaucrat hasn't shared the letter from my lawyer with the bad psychologists, but their plan, before they would let me return, was to submit me to further humiliation and degradation after my semester off. I didn't submit to said punishment, and they appear not to have noticed. Apparently they're not just bad psychologists -- they're not even all that bright. (Perhaps it's the onset of dementia -- they confuse the memory of how they planned to torture me with the actual torturing. They really should go for a neurological workup -- maybe an MRI.)

But this is great evidence for me and against them. It's a form letter, but my name is typed into the space and they both signed it. According to this letter, there is nothing wrong with me. There can't be if they're saying I'm ready for an internship. Therefore, they can't say anything bad about me to anyone. Well, they could, but then they'd have to explain why they sent me this letter saying they're willing to unleash me on the unsuspecting world.

I wonder if they'll email me Dr. Octopussy's much-vaunted New York City psychology externship list, the secrecy and value of which she estimated as on par with the formula for Coca-Cola. I was tempted to post last year's list on here, but since I only have a handful of readers it's not really worth it. If this blog's ever published as a book, however, I'll make that list Appendix A.
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