Thursday, February 28, 2008

"How are you not like a stick, Ayelet?"

I took a client to a diner for lunch today. Predictably, as do all my clients, he found the traifest thing on the menu -- smothered pork chops. I went back to the office and chatted with my co-workers about the topics we'd discussed -- his childhood in rural Alabama, his military service as a sharpshooter in Viet Nam, his varied work experiences and unusual pets, including a deer he raised from a fawn and a carp he wanted to keep in the bathtub.

"What did you have, Ayelet?" asked a coworker, Zoraida.

"Cottage cheese and fruit," I said. "Change of pace from my usual plate of lettuce."

Zoraida shook her head. "You would think you would look like a real stick, Ayelet, the way I see you eat. Lettuce whenever you go out to lunch. Red peppers. Those fruits I never heard of." So far I've exposed Zoraida to Asian pear-apples and blood oranges.

"I make up for it outside the office," I joked, although it kind of stung, and of course she left out the cookies and snacks that people bring in and I don't eschew.

However, Zoraida is very weight-conscious -- she's heavy, not happy about it, and she comments on everybody's weight, from the seriously skinny Sally to our roundest clients. And of course celebrities. "Did you see how fat J.Lo's face got? She is gonna pop those babies out any minute!" Zoraida said a few weeks ago.
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