Thursday, February 21, 2008

In case you're wondering....

I spoke with the nice-eyed father again. He has a lot of drama going on with his kids and his ex-wife. And told me a little too much about it. I don't need to hear that he had to take his older daughter to the ob-gyn because she was growing a mustache, or that since she's been on The Pill, she's bisexual instead of the tough baby dyke she was developing into. Or that his ex let this girl, at age 14, have sleepovers with her boyfriends. Somehow it's not all adding up, and it's all too weird. I didn't need much impetus to distance myself from this guy, and now I really think it's the right decision.

I also spoke to the needy out-of-towner, and I didn't enjoy the conversation. As I've said before,

I've learned through painful experience that if I don't enjoy the initial phone call, I am going to have a miserable time on the date.

(From this post. Scroll down, it's there.)

Call it Ayelet's law of dating -- it's been proven to me so many times, I'm learning to trust my gut. If he were in town, maybe I'd have coffee with him, but I can't see letting him spring for my plane fare based on this little amity.

And I guess it had to happen sooner or later -- one of the guys I dated from Frumster is now happily married, a "Success Story." I shouldn't be annoyed -- I wasn't into him, and they both look pretty happy in the wedding photo. I'm just tired.
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