Thursday, February 14, 2008

Intellectual snob

I got set up with a guy. Nice guy, decent looking, younger than I am, lives in a slightly distant city. But he's a paralegal. And I'm feeling reluctant to pursue the relationship.

It's funny, because I recently rejected a guy I considered too intellectual. He had a Ph.D. in philosophy and didn't believe you could prove anything -- not even that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. I have no patience for that kind of intellectual mindplay.

Of course, Dr. Philosophical also opened the conversation by telling me how his grad school department did him wrong, which made me wonder if there might be something wrong with him. Taught me a valuable lesson, though: don't talk about The Bad Place or Dean Evillene with people I've just met. Not a flattering portrayal of me.
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  1. look, for all the crazy dating you've done, why not just give the guy a shot? :)