Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Gd sending me a helicopter?

Two people I know, a blogger and a Facebook friend, posted a link to this terrifying article. "Marry Him!" the title cries. Settle, is the underlying message, or you'll end up, at age 40, an unwed mother via sperm donor. Don't hold out for passion and destiny. Marry a nice, boring guy or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

(The title of this post refers to the joke about a Jew who refuses to be rescued from a flood because he thinks Gd will save him.)

Have I really been too picky all of my dating life? That seems so unfair. The married folks I know had at least some romance and drama before settling down to raise children and build equity. I don't think any of them found their spouses repulsive or irritating during courtship; those who went into marriage calling their spouse "annoying" tended to exit the marriage soon thereafter. I'd also rather be never-married than divorced; at the very least, it's much less expensive.

I spoke with the nice-eyed father of two. He's smart and funny. I guess I could do worse. Still haven't heard from the needy long-distance fella. I'm actually kind of relieved.
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  1. I specifically refrained from sending you that piece, Ayelet. So now you know who your real friends are :)

    And at the end of the day, Lori Gottlieb's argument is, if he's pretty much okay, go for it, because marriage isn't much more than "managing a very small, very boring not-for-profit operation." I'm pretty sure that's how she put it.

    Then she goes on to admit that she hasn't settled, nor can she bring herself to.

    So what's she really saying? She's saying it's an interesting topic and people are going to forward her article around. Maybe spark some conversation. But not much else.

    You're giving every reasonable contender a fighting chance. That's all you can do. And if paralegal resurfaces, meet him. And nice-eyed dude deserves a date, too. Don't worry about being a step-parent to an 18-year-old. You're not going to be raising her. She'll be going off to college next year, and then it'll be occasional holidays for the foreseeable future. Fear not, Ayelet.

    Good luck and mwah!

  2. hey, i like the new look! and i think you should give the guy with the 2 kids a try. but i think you should speak to some rabbonim or a mashpia about the non-jewish step-kids.