Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meeting with DOTS

So I laid it out for the dean. How happy I am at my current placement. How much good work I'm doing there -- the groups I create and run, the individual psychotherapy and casework I do. How much petty cash they entrust to me to spend on the clients. How my skills are at an advanced second-year level and don't require any remediation.

And how awful my first year field experience was, the repeated harassment, insults, degradation, missed hours, etc. The shelter, the agency, The Other Bad Place. The mind-fuck meeting with Dean Evillene.

I told her the only relevant factors are:

1. The time I spent out of placement was not my fault, since I offered Eleanor Feckless two other options as soon as I was removed and was told to stop bothering her.

2. They're only enforcing the 200-hour deficit to deflect blame, since it's not necessary to develop my skills. If I'm the one doing the time, then obviously I'm the one at fault.

3. Five weeks working without pay and without accruing time toward health insurance coverage would represent a tremendous loss of money, time, and opportunity. I've suffered enough.

I told DOTS she can call my program director as well as my supervisor, and they'll back me up 100%. I said she is the only person at this school who can make the internship department drop its unreasonable 200-hour demand, and I will seek recourse elsewhere if she doesn't.

She says she'll follow up and get back to me. Hopefully it'll end here -- and hopefully she'll get back to me soon. I'll keep everyone posted.

One of my classmates -- an older woman, Barb, who's always been really, really sweet and supportive -- gave me courage before the meeting and said the nicest thing after it.

"You're going to go on to do great things, Ayelet," she said. "The school is going to be proud to have you as an alum."
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