Thursday, February 07, 2008

Should I take this job?

One of the social workers at my internship is leaving in a few weeks. The program director, Sally, is interviewing replacement candidates, but Melanie suggested I also give her my résumé. Which I did, and yesterday Sally and I had a little chat.

The upshot is, she has been very happy with my work and would like to hire me, but I'd have to work full-time -- i.e., put in 35 hours as opposed to 21. So I'd have to make up the equivalent of two full days, either by staying late on the days I currently work, coming in on weekdays when I'm not supposed to work, or working on Sundays.

There would be several benefits to taking this job. For starters, I'd be that much closer to having a regular salary and health insurance, which for me is a necessity. I already know the staff, clients, and computer system. I already like the staff and clients (I'm not so crazy about the software we use to manage client info).

The downside is that I'd have a lot more responsibility, deadlines, and tedious grunt work -- as Melanie correctly noted, right now I pretty much do whatever I want to do -- and I'd have to give up virtually all my spare time. I'd have to drive the vans -- eek! -- and visit clients alone in their apartments.

I also don't know if I have the mental resources to cope with finishing grad school and working full-time. I've never done both full-time -- when I was getting my first master's it took three years because I only took two classes at a time. And it's only recently that the light box has allowed me to function during the week without completely hibernating and crashing all weekend.

So I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle this job and school. Also, the social worker who's leaving has some very difficult clients, including one who is completely alcohol-dependent and prefers living in the park to living in his apartment, which can make him very difficult to track down sometimes.

I've only been job-hunting for about a month, and have a lot of leads to follow up. Part of me really wants to try to find a job that's a little closer to my ultimate goal.
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  1. It sounds like you'd be biting off more than you can comfortably chew at this point, doesn't it? And don't you need to resolve the mystery of the missing 200 hours first?

    You are doing fabulously in this program. And this person's interest in hiring you is more than sufficient proof of that. But you need to get work, school, home, and health balanced to some degree before you can add more to the burden.

    In my opinion.

    How are you feeling about it?