Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Speaking truth to power

Met with Dr. ED-DHRSJ again. She said I should talk to the dean of the school (not the deans contacted by Prof. Worried), who is Dean Evillene's boss. I emailed DOTS for an appointment, cc'ing Dr. ED-DHRSJ and Professor Fun.

The main point is that Dean Evillene insists I fulfill a letter-of-the-law requirement not because my skills require it, but merely because it's an arbitrary School [sic.] criterion. (Remember, the accrediting body for social work only requires 900 fieldwork hours, not 1200.) Since my skills are clearly at an advanced second-year level (no thanks to the internship department), I don't need any first-year remediation. I could have told DOTS that last year, but my very good first semester evaluation, demonstrating that I'm not damaged by the negligence and incompetence of the internship department, apparently bolsters my case.

I just want this to be over. But even as annoying as the process is, I'm still doing a lot better than last year. Carly is in a class with me this semester that met about 12 hours ago (terminal insomnia strikes again...).

"It's so great to see you happy, Ayelet," she said, after I spent a few minutes burbling about how wonderful my clients, supervisor, program director, and co-workers are. "After everything that happened last year, you really deserve it."
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