Monday, February 18, 2008

Why I'm really so down

I should add that yesterday Jerusha, Malka, Shira, Oedipus, and I had brunch with two of Jerusha's former flower girls -- beautiful young college girls. Their older sister (another former flower girl) is getting married in a year, and Shira will be her flower girl. (Malka's too shy.) So yet another flower girl from Jerusha's wedding is getting hitched. The other bridesmaids are also all married. I'm the only spinster left from that wedding.

You'd think this would make me view the paralegal much more favorably. But he's been pestering me nonstop, and I'm getting really annoyed. Every time I sign on to my computer he IMs me. We've only spoken once! Also, his online MSN tagline is "can't wait to get married." That strikes me as a little needy. I mean, I want to get married too, but that's not how I define myself.
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