Sunday, March 09, 2008


I have two papers due on Tuesday, and I can't focus on either one. I'm behind on a case formulation for my individual therapy with one client. How can a guy spend hours with me on the phone and in person, and disclose so much personal stuff about himself, and listen to me tell him my secrets, and then dump me by email?

I'm a wreck. I slept three hours last night. Part of me just wants to give up.
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  1. What happened to irons in the fire and not being too hooked into him?

    If there's any word that describes you, it's resilient. This guy is a flake. And his behavior was repugnant. You must focus on the here-and-now and worry about Jerusha and TD and everything in the past - later.

    Love u.

  2. Haven't heard back from any of the other irons. It's just hard to keep hope alive.