Monday, March 17, 2008

Cranky Ayelet

I can't take going without sex. I went into my internship even though it's spring break because we just started a new group, at my suggestion, and I wanted to be there to co-facilitate. But I ended up pissing off not one but two clients.

Granted, they're both difficult and annoying people, but I'm supposed to be able to deal with their nonsense. And I couldn't; I had no patience or tolerance for their shenanigans. Instead, I found myself trying to control them, judging them, getting defensive and blaming them.

No one censured me; the social worker I co-facilitate the group with fell all over himself to tell me that I'm doing fine, although he did suggest that we start meeting before as well as after the group. Melanie said that I was setting appropriate limits for one of the clients, who has an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

But I feel rotten and terribly frustrated. My lack of sex life is bleeding over into my work life. I want someone to touch me, intimately. It's killing me not to have sex.
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