Thursday, March 27, 2008

Facebook fiend

Have I mentioned how tired (no pun intended) I am of terminal insomnia?

My friend Shimona recently received a friend request from a woman she didn't know -- on Facebook or in real life. She has a cousin with the same (English) name, so she responded thusly:

do we know each other? I really don't recognize you... perhaps you know my cousin from Teaneck?

This was the illiterate and fiendish reply:

I'm business networking I own a sheitel co. So I'm friending women that might wear wigs or will wear wigs one day.=)

Could you be any less sensitive to a single frum woman? Shimona doesn't need to be reminded that she's not married yet! After cursing for about 20 minutes, Shimona called me for support. I felt her pain. Acutely.

"What a stupid, stupid thing to do," I said. "And it's an ayin hara. Frum people don't buy baby furniture before the baby's born -- just in case. Why would we buy something that's only for married women before we even have a boyfriend?"

"Should I tell her that?" asked Shimona.

"Tell her that what she did was like Penina taunting Chana, shoving her children in Chana's face and mocking Chana's childlessness," I said. "Except Penina had a higher purpose -- she was trying to encourage Chana to pray harder for the blessing of children. This solicitation had no such higher purpose.

"And you should report her to Facebook," I continued. "I don't think she'd comprehend the term 'boundary violation,' but she'd probably understand 'abuse' or 'inappropriate.' Then again, 'inappropriate' has more than two syllables, which might throw her."

After she stopped laughing, Shimona sent the Facebook powers that be this message:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am not sure if this qualifies as abuse, but this woman, who I do not know (we have a few friends in common) tried to "friend" me today in order to solicit FUTURE business. You can see this from the content of her message. Aside from the personal affront given the nature of her message, I think she has crossed a line in trying to do this in order to drum up future business. I am wondering if someone could get back to me to let me know how this resolves.

Thanks, Shimona

Well, they won't get back to her, but they will protect her from further assaults on her sensibility, as she explained in a subsequent email to me:

After I sent this, a box popped up saying that they will deal with the issue, but that no one will get back to me to give feedback....oh least I did something - oh, and by filing a complaint, she's automatically blocked.

Shimona had already decided not to favor the sheitelmacher's stupid message with a reply, so it's no great loss.
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