Sunday, March 02, 2008

Seeing myself through others' eyes

Facebook has an application called "Compare People," where you can rank your friends' qualities. This is where I stand:

19 out of 30 people said I was "most attractive" so I'm #1 in that category
8 out of 9 people voted that I have "best hair" -- also #1
6 out of 6 voted me "smartest" -- #1 again

I'm #2 in "prettiest" (6 of 11 votes), "the one I'd rather date" (8 out of 10), "the one I'd rather sleep with" (9 out of 9 -- I wonder who outranked me?), a preferred dinner companion (7 of 6), and more likely to do a favor for someone (6 of 5).

Eight out of 11 people would rather marry me; 8 out of 12 say I'm sexier and would rather kiss me; and 7 of 10 people say I'm more cuddly -- my #3 rankings. Where I come in fourth: 6 of 11 people say I have a better body and I'm cuter.

On the lower end, I'm ranked the 95th-most adventurous, which is probably true. But I'm rated 89th for creative (1 vote out of 3) and 88th for naturally talented (0 out of 1). No one thought I was happier than anyone else, and -- this hurts -- only 1 of 4 people thought I had a better sense of humor: 73rd. Ouch.

I'm not investing these scores with much, but it's clear that people seem to think I'm a lot more attractive and shapely, and a lot less funny and creative, than I do. Food for thought.
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