Saturday, March 15, 2008


Went with Alona to shul today -- first time in months. Had an annoying run-in at kiddush; I think I overreacted. I have this friend, Ozer, who's not the most socially skilled guy on the West Side. He came over while I was shmoozing with another friend, Neima, and her Shabbos guest, Shani. Shani used to live on the West Side, and apparently she knows Ozer.

"Hi, Shani!" said Ozer. "I guess you're the reason Neima couldn't come to my lunch today."

Right in front of me! And he didn't leave it at that -- he kept talking about the stupid meal. Now, I had plans -- I'd been invited to Eric and Ahuva's. But isn't it universally recognized as rude to talk about your party in front of someone who's not invited?

Then again, maybe I'm a little too sensitive these days. I'm energized by the extra sunshine we're getting, thanks to the end of daylight savings time (something I think should be outlawed), but instead of getting happy, I'm more mixed due to the stress I'm enduring waiting for DOTS to do something. Say no, I don't have to work those 200 hours the internship department forced me to miss, and I'm fine. Say yes, and I contact the University president, the University newspaper, and the Council on Social Work Education. But say something already!!!

So I have to be really careful, which I'm not good about doing. I got into a fight with an ossified psychologist, Dr. Dope, a frequent guest of Eric and Ahuva who apparently hasn't read a single journal article since he got his PhD in 1942 or whenever. (He's 50 -- so it's probably more like 1982.) We've had several run-ins at their table, since neither of us agrees with a single word the other one says.

Dr. Dope believes that schizophrenia is caused by the family environment, not genetically determined. A view so phenomenally idiotic that I couldn't help but tell him how discredited that theory is -- not that it made any dent in his thick head. Then Eric called time-out and limited discussion to topics directly related to Shabbat.

Another guest, a cardiologist, was actually asking Dr. Dope whether "bipolars" are treated by psychopharmacologists or psychologists. I winced. I really hate when people are referred to as adjectives. I'm not "a bipolar." But I didn't try to educate the cardiologist.
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