Monday, March 17, 2008

Why am I irresistible to Arabs?

Facebook has a program, Spark, that lets you say whether you'd like to date the friends of your friends. You can either let people know you're interested openly or anonymously, and if the object of your interest is interested in you, you've got a match.

I guess my friends know a lot of Arabs, or Moslems, because dozens of men with names like Mohamed, Hussein, Ali, and Ibrahim have expressed an interest in me. Also a fair number of Latinos, Italians, Greeks, African-Americans, Indians, and what I'm guessing are either Finns or Norwegians.

What's missing are the Jewish guys. Very few of them openly professed their interest, and although I allegedly matched with 21 of them, only two -- very non-religious Israelis -- have bothered to contact me.

I'm starting to think that if I limit myself to orthodox Jewish men, I will never get married. It's so hard to maintain my faith when every time I go on Frumster, I see dozens of men who couldn't be bothered to return my initial contact, and every time I go on Facebook, I see huge numbers of non-Jews who apparently want to date me.

I go to a homeless shelter once a week for my internship. It's not surprising that the shelter residents think I'm attractive -- and since they limit themselves to whistles and applause, it doesn't bother me -- but the shelter staff apparently shares their opinion. The staff is primarily African-American, and by their standards, I am a fine figure of a woman. By predominantly Jewish male standards, I'm an aged blimp.

Why can't I go to shul and feel as happy and confident as I do in a freakin' homeless shelter? What is wrong with Jewish men????
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