Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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The first guy I dated after I woke up from the coma (and spent some time as a psychiatric inpatient and outpatient) was a really sweet fellow named Ikey Abadi. Both very common Syrian Jewish names. We went out once, then he didn't call for a really long time, and according to "The Rules" I wasn't supposed to go out with him again so I didn't.

Eight years later, on Facebook I noticed the friend of a friend, "Ikey Abadi," seeking Scrabulous partners. I looked at his photos and he didn't look familiar, so I figured it must be some other Ikey Abadi, which happens a lot in the Syrian community -- certain first names get a lot of usage, and everyone's related to everyone else so there aren't that many surnames. I challenged him to a game and we've been playing, and kind of flirting, since Scrabulous lets you send little emails to your opponent.

Today he sent me an IM and we started chatting. He was asking more and more questions about the "other" Ikey Abadi... and finally revealed he IS that Ikey Abadi. (Apparently he goes to the gym a lot these days.) I was mortified, because I'd told him I'd once gone out with another, less attractive Ikey Abadi who might have been his uncle.

"So... are we starting all over again, or have we been dating all these years?"

IA asked me.

"If I'd been dating you for all these years, I'd have a lot more jewelry to show for it. Either we start from scratch, or you have to buy me a diamond necklace."

IA opted for the former.

It never rains but it pours. I'm probably going to go out with IA sometime relatively soon -- of course, I have to finish my schoolwork, so the weekend's more or less shot. And I'm going out with SB tomorrow night. But I'll talk with IA tonight -- allegedly. (He does have a history of not being so quick with the phone.)

One very interesting thing about our one date was a story IA told me. He'd set up two friends of his, but the guy had just found out that the girl had bipolar disorder, and he wasn't sure what to do. He really liked her, but he was very apprehensive about what marrying a woman with bipolar would entail.

"What would you do?" I asked, deceptively casually, heart in my throat.

"You know, it wouldn't deter me," said IA. "There are no guarantees in life. You marry a person and you don't know what's going to happen."

I was so blown away, I thought I would have to marry him. But then he didn't call for forever... and my life took all sorts of twists and turns. Still, it's kind of nice to have a second chance; I always thought of him as "the one that got away."

Although I'm apprehensive, because while he is in much better shape now, I'm definitely not. He did think I was very pretty back then -- said I looked like Andie McDowell and I smelled good. I don't know what he'd think about what I look like today.

But I guess I'm going to find out.
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