Tuesday, April 22, 2008

H&M: Swedish for "No fat chicks"

I have a closet full of suits, and only two of them currently fit. I went into H&M to see if they had anything I could wear on a job interview, and apparently Swedes do not believe in hips. Or bellies. I looked five months pregnant in the skinny Swedish dressing room mirror.

But how can I hate myself when my classmates and professors missed me so much last week? Ruth came up on me from behind and grabbed me in a big hug. Clive gave me a huge hello and spent 10 minutes pissing and moaning about our DBT assignment. It feels good that he seeks me out for support, since he's spent almost as many years as a practicing professional as I have been alive. Another classmate from another class told me the Wednesday night discussion was not nearly as lively without me.

Professor Meander could not have been nicer. I emailed her, on Wednesday, an assignment due Tuesday. She didn't take off a single point. I've grown to appreciate her a lot more, especially since I've really been able to apply a lot of the techniques she's been teaching. My social work school doesn't give us enough practice classes, preferring to muck around with the curriculum, so good practice classes are to be treasured.

And Professor Supportive, of course, almost niced me to death. I'm rewriting a paper I wrote last semester and re-submitting it to a professional journal that provisionally agreed to publish it. The journal reviewers gave me a bazillion comments on it, and she asked if she could see them. I jumped at the chance, since I didn't understand or agree with every comment.

Dear Ayelet: I went through your paper and the reviewers' comments. The paper is really something for you to be proud of -- I appreciate the tremendous work and thought you put into this. I read the reviewers' comments very carefully, particularly paying attention to the one inserted in the margins. I think this reviewer is quite thoughtful and obviously quite knowledgeable -- to tell you the truth, having reviewed many articles and been reviewed many times, I thought this person was significantly more attentive than any review I have ever read. This means that he/she was involved and engaged, which is significant in and of itself.

So my suggestion is to pay careful and thoughtful attention to these comments, using what makes sense to you and being careful to consider what does not. I also think this paper provides a tremendous opportunity for you to pay attention to "stigma" and "labeling" among this group of individuals [substance-abusing pedophiles] -- I would think that this is a major issue and has probably not been addressed very effectively in the literature.

At any rate, if you want set up a time to talk about the paper, I am happy to do so. I hope you are doing okay -- I missed having you in class. Thanks and I very much look forward to the next version of your paper. Lucy

Gotta make an appointment to see her; I'll talk to her tomorrow before or after class. This afternoon I had to see Dr. Roda, and then it was too late for anything but a pedicure.
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