Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He called

We're going out Monday evening. Sunday I'm writing a paper, so I hope I'm not too fried.

I asked IA about the girl with bipolar and guy he set up, all those years ago.

"She's married," he said. "He's not."

"He missed his shot," I said.

"He did," said IA. "I think he really regrets it. But his brother's a doctor, and got all freaked out and told him to break up with her. And he listened."

"Most doctors don't know crap about mental illness," I said, "including many psychiatrists. That guy's brother spent five or so weeks on rotation in an inpatient psych ward, where the clients are not functioning well at all. He doesn't understand how capable people can be of independence and stability when they're well supported. I see that every day at my internship." [And of course in my own life, but I didn't tell him that yet.]

"I wouldn't ask a dermatologist to give me a knee replacement; why would I ask him for psychiatric advice?" I continued. IA agreed.

Very promising.
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