Saturday, April 12, 2008

I hate shnorring

I hate calling people and begging them to invite me over. I try to make it cute by asking people if they need any guests, but it's shnorring, plain and simple. I do it because I have to -- if I didn't, I'd be alone every Shabbat. But I hate it. And this year, I have to beg for a three-day yontif's worth of meals, including two Seders. (I'd rather sit home alone than go to Jerusha's.)

So this organization offered to set people up with Seders. That way I'd only have to beg for the two Shabbos meals and two lunches. I contacted them, and after asking me how old I was, they told me to call some guy for the first Seder.

After exchanging pleasantries and assuring me I didn't need to bring anything, he said, "So will you be bringing your son?"

"I don't have a son," I said. "Did they tell you I did?"

"They said two women would be calling, and one has a son," he said. "I have room for three people besides me and my two sons. My middle son is married with a baby; he'll be at at his in-laws." He also mentioned that he goes to a certain synagogue in my neighborhood, LSS.

All of this sounded vaguely familiar, but it wasn't until the next day that I realized he's the grandfather who asked me out.


I did not want to go to his seder. I wondered if he recognized who I was and thought he could stealthily draw me to his seder table, where I'd have no choice but to go out with him afterward. (For the record, he never set me up with anyone else, as he promised he would if I let him see my photo.)

Thank Gd a friend I saw today said I could come to her seder. I called Grandpa and canceled. Ew.
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  1. You think it was an underhanded way to get you to go out with him? Honestly? Even though he signed up with this organization?

    Either way, it's a happy ending.

  2. I hate shnorring, too. It's one of the reasons I decided to clean my apartment and stay there for chol hamoed instead of begging to sleep on a friend's floor or something. (I have work chol hamoed, so I have to be back in the city.) And I was terribly relieved when I got an invitation for second days, so I wouldn't have to shnorr for that too.

    Good luck with all your meals and stuff! And have a chag kasher v'sameach. :)