Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nobbody's prfect

I have to say, it's great to have a professor/role model who's more of a drama queen than I am. No small feat. Professor Worried talked in class yesterday about the challenges she faces with her children and numerous occasions when she's lost her cool. She's always been flamboyant and emphatic, not calm and reserved. It's been good for me to see, because at this age I'm definitely not going to achieve any radical character change.

I thought a therapist had to achieve perfect equanimity and solve all her own problems. Apparently that's not necessary -- you can have numerous problems of your own and still help other people with theirs. The bad psychologists at The Bad Place thought I wasn't worthy of being a therapist. Professor Worried believes I am.

Although -- Professor Fun says that you can't help a client resolve a problem you're still struggling with and haven't resolved for yourself.

Which sometimes makes me wonder if I'm just wasting a client's time when I asked her to come in twice a week for anger management. I do manage to get her angry -- I'm just not so successful at helping her restructure her thoughts so she won't get so angry. Unfortunately, she doesn't take medication because she doesn't think she has paranoid schizophrenia or delusions, and it's hard to dispute a notion that someone "just knows" is true, in spite of any evidence to the contrary you might offer.

But I'm lucky. Melanie lets me take on these immense challenges and helps me see the incremental change and learning that accrue.
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